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The Beatles Session Parts


Note-for-Note Transcriptions of the Brass, Woodwind, Strings, and More

The Beatles Session Parts is a collection of 20 of transcriptions, in score format, of the session musicians additions to the music of the Beatles. This includes the brass, woodwind, and string parts, as well as a vocal staff as a guide. 
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Trumpet Aerobics


A 52-week, One-exercise-per-day Workout Program for Developing, Improving, and Maintaining Trumpet Technique

Trumpet Aerobics breaks down trumpet technique into seven categories, utilizing one per day of the week. Techniques covered include: scales • articulations • flexibility • intervals • arpeggios • ornaments • buzzing & lip bends • playing between the partials • and finger dexterity. Benefits of using this book include: facile technique • better intonation • increased style vocabulary • heightened rhythmic acuity • improved ensemble playing • and expanded range. Also included are 52 etudes that tie all the techniques together in a musical way. Audio tracks included.
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